Mum Support Network South Africa

Who We Are

Mums Support Network (NPO 220-558) is a community organisation run by mothers who give support and encouragement to other mums in need.  Motherhood can be challenging and sometimes isolating, and we aim to provide a safe space for mothers to connect with other mums who understand. We can all be honest and open about our thoughts and feelings. As a non-judgmental group, everything discussed is met with unconditional love and empathy. 

How can Mums Support Network Help You?

Mums Support Network is based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We are currently trying to expand our reach to more provinces! We have the following ways in which you can find support:

WhatsApp groups

Our local WhatsApp groups are available 24/7 – Many mums are awake at odd hours with their babies; there is usually someone available at any time of the day to offer advice, encouragement and a sense of solidarity.

Support Group Meetings and Coffee Mornings

We have a number of face-to-face meetings across KZN and further afield, where mothers can meet up to chat openly and judgement-free. It is tremendously comforting to be in the company of others who can relate, and to know that you are not alone!

Online Support

For those mothers who do not have access to our face-to-face meetings, we have a dedicated whatsapp group, as well as regular online meetings.

Social Media

To keep up with our latest news and events, as well as useful resources and friendly advice, find us on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

WhatsApp Support Groups:

Durban area:
Alex 083 788 0689

Upper Highway area:
Hayls 078 889 0641

Amanda 071 608 8142

Remote – other areas:
Keryn 066 014 7330

Baby Health/development Info:
Emma 079 347 6411

Breastfeeding support:
Danielle 066 213 9011
Kirsty 078 543 7424

Special needs advice:
Emma 079 347 6411

Support Group Meetings:

Durban (Sunningdale):
Every Thursday between 9:30AM and 11:00AM at The Village, Sunningdale Centre
More info: Alex 083 788 0689

Durban (Wentworth):
Every Thursday between 10:30AM and 12:00PM at Blue Roof Life Space
More info: Jane 083 583 1887

Johannesburg (Eldorado Park):
Every other Saturday
More info: Amanda 071 608 8142

Every other Wednesday between 7:00PM and 8:00PM on Zoom
More info: Shadé  061 002 4932

Coffee morning socials (Durban):
Once a month on Saturdays – with baby and toddler play areas
More info: Kirsty 078 543 7424

Breastfeeding Support meetings (Durban):
More info: Kirsty 078 543 7424


Free Counselling Service: Counselling Matters
More info: email

Discounted Professional Online Counselling: Upright SA
Qualified Counselling and/or Psychotherapy (Mums Support Network members get a 10% discount)
more info: email or WhatsApp 066 213 9011

Suicidal Emergencies: SADAG Suicide Crisis Helpline
If you or someone you know is having thoughts about suicide, please call 0800 567 567 (FREE OF CHARGE) or sms 31393 .
A trained counsellor will help you.
You can also go directly to your nearest hospital casualty.


Support Group
WhatsApp Group

Contact: Alex 0837880689

(from 3 Feb)
La Lucia Library conference room,
Every Thursday

North Coast

Mom & Baby Coffee Mornings
WhatsApp Group

Contact: Lauren Shapiro 083 788 8108


see Mumma Tribe on Facebook

Every Monday 9AM in Ballito

South Coast

Support Group Meeting

WhatsApp Group

Contact: Jane 0648909324

New Covenant Church, Galway Road, Scottburgh
Every Tuesday

Highway/Upper Highway

WhatsApp Group

Contact: Hayls Lieberthal 078 889 0641

Remote E-Group

Online Meetings
WhatsApp Group

Bi-weekly on Saturdays
Contact Danielle for Zoom codes and more info: 0662139011

Breastfeeding Support

Contact: Danielle Reynolds 072 848 9792

Support for Student Mums

Contact: Suzanne Stokes  080 080 0017


Suicidal Emergencies

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group
0800 567 567

Life Line 0861 322 322


Please Donate using our Zapper QR code.

Mums Support Network can only operate with the generous funding of our supporters.
If you’d like to discuss your donation please contact us using our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Mums Support Blog

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Supporting Mums across South Africa

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Mums Support – 2022 News

Mums Support – 2022 News

Hello mums, Alex here.  Happy new year to you all. My personal wish to you is for 2022 to be less of a dumpster fire than the last two years! I haven’t written a blog post here for a while, so I thought I would let you all know what Mums Support Network has been up to...

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You are not alone!

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A Word

From Alexandra – Founder of Mums Support Network

There is no manual for motherhood, but as mothers we can find solidarity with each other.

Hi mums! I’m Alex and I started this organisation in 2016.   It’s gone from the humble beginnings of a weekly get-together at my home in Durban,  to a non-profit organisation providing various types of support for mothers across the province of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as mental health education within our communities.  This amount of growth in such a short space of time I put down to two factors: firstly the phenomenal mothers within this group who are so willing to help one another; secondly the massive need for groups like this.

Becoming a mother is overwhelming. Every woman who makes the transition into motherhood will experience mixed emotions about the changes in her life.   READ MORE…

– Alexandra  Wallis
Mums Support Network

In the Community

Start a Group in your area

Do you think a group like this is needed in your area? Would you be able to spare just a couple of hours every week? Face-to-face communication is an invaluable way for mums to support each other, and we would love Mums Support Network to expand in order to reach more mums in need! There is a desperate shortage of places where mums can connect judgement-free with others going through similar experiences. Mums Support Network provides guidelines for starting your own group. To find out more  please send an email to

mum support network

Guest Speakers

If you would like to share your personal story or relevant professional advice, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our meetings. Mums Support Network is also committed to fighting the stigma surrounding maternal mental health, and we regularly speak at events within the community. For further enquiries please email


Mums Support Network is a community organisation that runs entirely on the generosity of its members and other sponsors. Donations are used to purchase refreshments for our free weekly support meetings, welcome packs for new members, operational costs of our website as well as publicity to reach other mums who need our support. Email to discuss a donation. Direct deposits can be made to:

Name: Mums Support Network
Bank: Nedbank
Branch code: 13562600
Type: savings
Acc no: 1194190316 

Ask Hayls! Do you have a question for lifecoach and PND survivor Hayls Lieberthal? Email your story to

Disclaimer: All correspondence with Mums Support Network is completely confidential except in the following remarkable circumstances: We are legally obligated to break confidentiality if you may be an immediate danger to yourself or others. We reserve the right to disclose confidential information in legal proceedings brought against Mums Support Network. Mums Support Network members are not licensed health care providers or therapists and do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or therapy. By continuing correspondence with Mums Support Network, you recognize that you are responsible for your own health including, but not limited to, mental or physical illness, medication, and consultation with health professionals. Stories may be shared with other members of our management team in order to provide the best advice possible. Stories and responses may be published on the website but will remain anonymous.


Being able to talk honestly and openly with Alex and other Moms gave me the strength to seek the help I so badly needed. I knew I was in trouble and this group held me up and continues to be a great source of comfort and support through this journey of motherhood. PND is not something to be ashamed of, and maybe coming to one of our meetings might just be your first step to recovery, it was for me.

After having my son I was desperately lonely and spiralling down.

From the moment I walked through the door of the Mums Support Group meeting I felt supported and heard. I no longer felt alone. I had several hands reaching out to me, like a lifeline in a rough sea.

The mum’s support network has definitely been something that has helped me tremendously. Not just with coping with PND, but coping with motherhood in general and having a whole group of mothers that one can cry to, or just lean on for some extra love and support. I would definitely recommend this group as a lifeline to anyone feeling like they have lost their zest for life because of the new stresses of motherhood.

Get In Touch

General Enquiries
M: 083 788 0689

Guest Speaker Enquiries

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